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Yoga classes, yoga retreats and summer yoga.

Yogak urs and retreats

We offer various yoga classes and retreats throughout the year. 


Online yoga

All courses can also be followed on zoom, or a combination of zoom and live in the barn according to what suits you week by week. Throughout the corona period, we have had good experience with this combination in our yoga classes.


In the event of any covid-19 restrictions, all teaching will switch to zoom.


Yoga classes will be set up so all guests will be offered at least one yoga class during their stay. There will primarily be morning classes during the summer holidays, but private lessons / group lessons and family yoga can be booked as well.


Drop in - 220, -

Clip card 10 clips - 1800, - (lasts until new courses start in October)

Clip card 6 clips - 1550, -   ( lasts until new courses start in October)

Private group - 1000, -

Family yoga - 400, - per family in open hours (ie open to other guests or locals to sign up)

Private family yoga 600, -

Ta  contact in advance if you want family yoga, we will set up an appointment!


Payment on site by card or tip!


Turid also arranges other yoga events outside Yogalåva by appointment, whether it is a group of friends on a trip who want their own yoga session, a company that wants to give yoga / training to its employees or a course / seminar that wants a break with a yoga class . Online Yoga with zoom groups also works great!

Do you want to contact us on tel. 92979860 for more information.



Turid Jørgensen Honerud has Ryt 200 yoga teacher training from Asta Yoga in San Francisco. She is a musician in the band Katzenjammer, and yoga has been practiced in many a backstage and hotel room. She has also used the opportunity to practice at many different yoga studios on her way out on tour. When she was at home, she practiced with Karen Kollien Nygård at Zanti Yoga in Oslo.

Turid is an experienced yoga instructor and is concerned that everyone should be able to follow their own pace, and to convey that you should not measure yourself against others.

We all have different starting points and must work from ourselves and not the sidekick or the neighbor.

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